Become a Secret Elements Qi Gong teacher

The Secret Elements intense courses & teacher trainings offer you a compact set of knowledge to use for yourself, friends & family or to teach powerful Qi Gong classes. Each teacher training seminar is backed up with professional learning material that enables you to repeat and internalize the movements and background information. After the seminar you can start using the Secret Elements method in your daily life and if you feel confident you can sign in for the certification test any time after your teacher training. The test can be taken via Skype or face to face depending on the availability of an instructor.


The main educational pillar of Secret Elements Qi Gong is formed by 3 levels. In the first level the ‚Basic teacher‘ learns the 5 element sets and the background of the old Chinese system of elements and how to apply them in daily life. The second level for ‚Teachers‘ introduces the first half of the advanced movement forms of Secret Elements Qi Gong. Besides that level 2 provides more tools that open up into the field of therapeutical application and self healing. With this level you deepen your own practice and can also use the Qi Gong with possible clients. The ‚Instructor‘ level 3 teaches the second half of the advanced forms and more additional movement ideas. On the therapeutical level it provides sophisticated tools for mind training and analysis to use in conjunction with the Qi Gong. Additionally instructors who passed level 3 are allowed to give their own level 1 teacher trainings and pass on their own practice.

Teacher Level

The 3 levels of Secret Elements Qi Gong education

Level 1
The Basic teacher education deals with the 5 fundamental Secret Elements Qi Gong exercise sets. The Level 1 teacher learns to conduct Qi Gong classes and the correct execution of the movements as well as visualizations and additional exercises. After the seminar the practitioner can use the Qi Gong for his own self healing and balancing or use it to teach group courses.
  • Basic teacher certificate
  • 2 days intense course
  • recommended self practice 50h
350 €* Contact us
Level 2
Level 2 leads deeper into the system of the elements and its applications on the physical, emotional & energetic level. With this knowledge Secret Elements Qi Gong can become a tool for individual therapy and it can deepen the way of teaching a class. Additionally the first half of the advanced Secret Elements forms provide a whole new level of practice.
  • Teacher certificate
  • 3 days intense course
  • recommended self practice 100h
800 €* Contact us
Level 3
The Instructor level teaches the full background of Secret Elements Qi Gong and its roots in Kinesiology and Chinese medicine. The second half of the advanced Secret Elements Qi Gong movement forms provide plenty of material to work with in your own practice or with advanced students. Instructors are also prepared to conduct teacher trainings and instruct new Level 1 practicioners.
  • Instructor certificate
  • 5-7 days intense course
  • recommended self practice 150h
1500 €* Contact us
If you are interested in supporting Secret Elements Qi Gong in your area or country you can become an official ambassador. We are always looking for people who want to organize teacher trainings, offer the Secret Elements products in their area or arrange teacher exchange groups.
  • Earn some additional income
  • Organize teacher trainings
  • Sell SE Qi Gong products
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* These are recommended prices which can vary depending on the instructor offering the level training.

Level 1 experiences

The Secret Elements Qi Gong Course was deeply insightful and gave me a great understanding of how energy and the natural laws of the universe work. Sascha is a patient and kind teacher and holds a depth of knowledge. I feel excited to share what I have learned with others and to continue to practice the techniques to master Qi Gong and all areas of my life.

Skye Smith Skye Smith Yoga teacher and Graphic Designer

I went to level 1 course to learn more about Yin and Yang energies and the wisdom of Qi Gong. I had no more expectations. When I started the course, I sensed that Sascha wasn’t just our teacher, he was much more than that. I was privileged enough to share two days with truly amazing people and having the mentorship of Sascha. I left the course inspired and keen to learn more about Qi Gong. In fact, the course was so amazing that I decided to do Level 2 the following weekend ! Thank you so much for all your care in teaching and for all the effort preparing templates, videos and manuals. Thank you for showing me that Qi Gong is much more than a 2-day course. It is a way of life!!

Isabel Alexandra Cunha Isabel Alexandra Cunha

I really got a lot out of the course. I would say it is accessible even to people who have never practiced qi gong before, like myself. I loved that it was a fun, informative yet experientially focused way to learn the Secret Elements practice.
Thank you so much for the training. I am looking forward to level 2! Much love!

Rachel Niclair Rachel Niclair Yoga teacher

Level 2 experiences

I cannot wait to learn even more… From the moment we are born until we pass away.. Life is a constant school, of lessons and wonderful opportunities!! Level 2 Qi Gong was exactly this! The first two days of level 2 were about gaining a deeper insight into the elements and learning new movements associated with the elements, including how to incorporate the movements into a form. It was wonderful to learn new movements and to create a little more yang energy with the elements. The elements bring a deeper understanding, not only of the movement itself, but a link into your emotional state, and understanding of physical awareness, internal presence and a connection within all parts of you.. Body.. Mind.. Spirit. Day 3 of Level 2 brought a different level, a healing level to our small group, and especially for myself. During a meditation on the metal element prior to free flow movement based on this element, I had exactly this. I centred myself on this metal element, I asked for a deeper understanding and clarity for my current situation. Within seconds, I felt within my body a surge of energy, and words that rang so true… These words provided myself with an answer I had long been searching for. As a reiki master I understand the importance of the way our emotions, thoughts can affect our physical and energy bodies!! The relief I felt was overwhelming and I now understand why I have been overburdened with my illness… This day brought healing to me on a very deep level and for this I am truly grateful.

Tracey Robinson Tracey Robinson Studio owner

Level 2 Qi gong, was for me a continuing inner journey of self development, with like minded people that not only want to improve the quality of their lives but others in the world as well…
Learning life changing skills and tools through body movement and awareness, that created a deeper understanding of the elements and their forms…
A journey of roller coaster emotions, led by Sascha, who presents his teachings in a relaxed but thorough way…
Qi gong is now a part of my expanding quest for balance and knowledge…I am very much looking forward to passing this practice on to help create some inner wellness for others.
Mind, Body, Soul, connection…

Lee Martin Lee Martin Studio owner

Sascha has the ability to facilitate his trainings in such a way that his students feel both comfortable and relaxed yet fully attentive and engaged. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more flowing movements and advanced techniques. For me, the Level 2 Teacher Training has not only helped enhance my practice but also help me grow and evolve as a person.

William Wong William Wong Fitness & Yoga teacher

When thinking about the right testimonial to write about the level 2 course and the teaching methods, I was thinking about the best way to describe how I felt. The hardest part was trying to describe this amazing feeling of happiness to be able to share three awesome days with fantastic people and to have such an outstanding teacher, actually a Master such as Sascha!! This course was amazing, there are no words that could describe how happy I felt with the whole experience. This course was only the beginning of an amazing self-discovery journey!! Thank you Sascha from the bottom of my heart !!!

Isabel Alexandra Cunha Isabel Alexandra Cunha